Luis Manuel Frutos Gaite (IP Group)

Full Professor

Director of the Chemical Research Institute "Andrés Manuel del Río" (IQAR)
President of the Photochemistry Specialized Group (GRUFO)


Dr. Luis Manuel Frutos Gaite has obtained the UAH Young Researchers Award in the area of Experimental Sciences. He is part of the RESMOL group: Reactivity and Molecular Structure Group of the UAH and came to the University hired by the Ramón y Cajal program.

Luis Manuel Frutos Gaite has developed his entire academic and professional career at the UAH, with the exception of postdoctoral stays in Italy and Germany, and at this moment he is one of the researchers hired through the “Ramón y Cajal” program.

Alain Arsene

Superior Computer Science Technician

Call: +34 91 885 4610



Currently we are mainly focused on the study of photoinduced (photochemical and photophysical) processes in chemical and biological systems.